About Us

Who Are We?

We are a Non-Profit Organisation that uses dance education to address social issues amongst outlying communities in South Africa.

We want people to partner with us and be moved in heart; enabling children to move in body.

Why Do We Exist?

Based in the heart of Gugulethu, this community is filled with children who have very little to do in the afternoons. Move For Two has both the skills and heart to create a sustainable solution and see change, filling the children’s time constructively and teaching them so much more than just how to dance.

What Do We Do?

✓ We promote learning through dance for previously disadvantaged children in South Africa  

✓ The life skills and self help initiatives that are taught include: HIV training, personal health care, peer pressure training, conflict management, time management, listening skills, leadership, positive thinking, building confidence, communication, critical thinking and recognizing diversity

✓ Qualified teachers train children in accredited dance syllabi. Children complete exams and will ultimately be able teach in their own communities.  

✓ We give children the opportunity to perform on stage with all proceeds made feeding back into their community.  

✓ Relationships are built, not only with the children but with families, teachers and the community supporting each child.

Volunteer doctors run workshops with our children addressing the following: Sex Education, HIV and AIDS Education, Peer Pressure, Bullying and Abuse.

 Our annual showcase is an opportunity to teach our children how to write a budget, break even and make a profit. This empowers our children by teaching them basic entrepreneurial skills to enhance their access to finance and the growth of small businesses.

We offer our learners educational support through extra reading and writing enrichment lessons. Our lessons are taught in English which further enhances their English speaking skills. Contact us if you’d like to get involved.

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It only costs R200 per month to keep a child dancing!

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General Enquiries

Jessica Bester
+27 (72) 607 2612

Nastasha Buratovich Coetsee
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